How Cambridge Analytica Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions | NYT

How Cambridge Analytica Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions | NYT

Tens of millions of American Facebook users had their data harvested by Cambridge Analytica and a British-based researcher. Here’s how it happened.

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Marvin G. says:

should this be CA's fault all the way? they used facebook's API which is really publica and any can use it, however when they created their survey's people are asked, it was this dumb people who allows their profiles their profiles to be exploited…. first off if I have stumbled question like this on the interent and I don't know them and asked for my email address I just close it right away…

paul anthony froilan says:

Trojan Horse to the users

paul anthony froilan says:

Cambridge Analytica should be investigated not facebook
Users share there data with there friends but the man behind who sells it to Cambridge should be responsible

chaosXpert says:

I thought Vice News said Trump's campaign decided not to use CA because of their history of sketchy practices?


as an average user of Facebook, is it a threat if they found out that Im obsessed of Nutella or I can make bubbles with my saliva? I always clicked like whenever I see a pic of a grumpy cat so It's weird if they can still use my data for their political agenda.

IIIrandomIII says:

So they are starting to attack the Trump administration already…

XJLCA says:

Never "like" something on the internet and don't use Facebook login.

Sky Wolf says:

…. Yelp.. changed my vote cause a facebook ad…. wtf. Ads dont work

Denise F says:

People should also avoid those "what will I look like in 50 years" quizzes. All those pages want access to your info too and i see everyone taking and sharing all these quizzes. It's obvious what all these quizzes are for on Facebook. Stop doing them.

Atomic Fart says:

Off gosh the echie pictures that I like!

The Rambler says:

This is really a none scandal, no laws were broken, the quizzes were voluntarily taken and the data collected was harmless. But hey. it helped Trump so lets get our panties in a twist about it.

Noo Bie says:

They used facebook its not mark's fault he was betrayed…

Yash Salve says:

New york times has the best graphical representation

bryan ethan says:

I dont get it. So Mr Trump won the election because of this?

cafeta says:

When Obama did it, it was OK!!

hfredydl says:

And He Loved Big Brother

Greg Richey says:

Information about you is being harvested and exploited every day. You may think things like email are free to you but you were wrong. They have to pay the bills somehow. Just as soon as we started using scanners to ring up groceries in issuing customer cards from grocery stores Coca-Cola invested 350 million dollars immediately to harvest information about you. It was a very profitable Venture for them So I'm not sure why this is a newsflash to anyone. I believe this is just a conveniently good argument for regulating the internet. Major media outlets for very long time I've had a lot of influence over our thoughts and opinions and the internet is giving them competition As John Kerry says the internet is making it hard to govern. The British felt the same way about Poor Richard's Almanac. The ability to spread information to alot of people by the Common Man gives power. And influence to people they do not control and your elected politicians do not like it. In my opinion the best way to protect yourself is just to be skeptical of everything you see on the internet. But allowing them to regulate the internet will end up being censorship. Be careful what you ask for.

Dylan Tierney says:

Love this guys accent

seven henson says:

Well nowadays nobody reveals their true views online. So what's the issue. No matter how accurate the models maybe, the resulting profiles may not be correct.

riley poplin says:

Invidious, but utterly genius.

Michele Spaliviero says:

nice animation, I don't really see the problem, even if they did that to me I am still free to think with my mind and vote as I please.

Vince Rapog says:

A guy(CA) want to know what his crush(us) likes and dislikes.
Then he asked her bestfriend(Facebook) to gather info. Something like that?

Jay Sanova says:

This would never come up to surface if Hillary won, what sore losers, nobody held a gun to the peoples head when casting votes…

Harun Suaidi says:

I personally think this is kind of amazing.

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