Why This 3-Year-Old Girl Is Convinced Her Babysitter is a Mermaid

Why This 3-Year-Old Girl Is Convinced Her Babysitter is a Mermaid

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Alidy, 3, has been dressing in different costumes since her father died in November, so when her babysitter, Keegan Carnahan, pulled out her own costume during bath time, the young girl was ecstatic. And, because Keegan’s hair is pink, Alidy believes her babysitter is a real mermaid. Carnahan, of Florida, said she went through a phase a couple of years ago and bought a mermaid tail and figured it was the perfect time to put it to use. InsideEdition.com’s Keleigh Nealon (https://twitter.com/KeleighNealon) has more.



Singe Inferno says:

What a sweet babysitter

Baby Blue says:

This is too cute!

Adriana the kawaii Wolf girl potato says:

Aww that is so cute haha

Brylle Cruz says:

She will be a lovely Logan Pauler

xXFlicka_and _MeXx says:

Let’s give a round of applause to the best babysitter ever!!! Who is secretly a mermaid!

Leah says:

shes so pretty

Always Lanie says:

This babysitter is way over awsome she is soo good with this sweet girl!! #MermaidPeople!

MrJreed1000 says:

This is sad.. And adorable…

Brooklyn Fan-1 says:

God bless you angel. I wish they interviewed the babysitter. She’s truly a caring person

Kadisha Davis says:

Aww that is so nice #best baby sitter eva

Riley Weir says:

Aww that’s nice

Zoey Applegate says:

This is the sweetest thing I’ve seen all day you dyed your hair just to make her happy

Aliyah Mcgrady says:

OMG that not really

Riley Moore says:

Aww so frickin cute

Sophia Martin says:

Keegan is really pretty

Mikayla and Olivia Tutorials says:

lol those abs tho

Cringe says:

Omg thats so cute and her hair im in awe xD

Starlight The mermaid says:

I'm a mermaid!

Luz Perez says:

Best babysitter ever

Loulou Californie B says:

she is so cute the little girl

Aj Bankers says:

She looks older than fifteen wtf.

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