Distraction: Magician sneezes his head off

Distraction: Magician sneezes his head off

Magician Rich Ferguson surprises unsuspecting passersby with his unique sneezes. See more at richferguson.com.

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Hk Reading Book says:

What that ?

Winning Valkyrie says:

Ik how he is doing it there’s a little space between his jacket and he slides his head off

Maria Monte Sanche says:

están muy bien echó

Anjal Alam says:

India Anjal Alam Lifestyle – Topic

Waleed Saleh says:

Kids reactions are the best …. :))))

Thomas Harris says:

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No, The moon says:

Lmao it’s a coat hanger at the top of his jacket and he’s just ducking his body and head down

Melissa MSP says:

I CAN make people disappear
Did I scare you

MEGAbeast489 says:

I know what he does

daan cornelissen says:

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So Zo says:

The kids at the end are so me

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