Your Internet Marketing Questions, Our Answers (Business Taco)

Your Internet Marketing Questions, Our Answers (Business Taco)

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Carl Broadbent says:

I have a question for Taco Tue. If you had $500 to spend on articles. How would you spend it. Ie: a couple of very long posts or 15-20 shorter posts.

Calichickengirl says:

Thanks for the video!

Paint Your Army says:

Thanks for the info guys.

Alwayne Gray says:

You guys are great, people always overthink when it comes to affiliate marketing, guess everyone wants to be perfect

Sherry Nash says:

I have a private question …system won't take a payment.

Treat BadBreath says:

Hi guys.Great info.I love your videos.Keep going ! I have one question … when I sell a product on my site,is there a problem if the product is from famous brand?For example if I want to sell electric toothbrushes is it a good idea to sell Philips product or Listerin product(famous brands) or should I sell not famous electric toothbrush ? My question is in general-should we sell famous brands product or is it better to search and try to sell not famous brands products ?

tamim iqbal says:

Khankir polara

Players Choice Mounds says:

You're killing me with the tacos

Walter White says:

How to I research properly to find out what content or questions have the highest demand on google for certain niches or industries?

Stuart Coyne says:

Hi guys!!
just wanted to drop you a comment. I've been watching you videos for a fairly long time, have commented on the income school page etc but never on here.

I've been following the awesome advice you have been giving on both your channel and the income school home page.
Today I had an email from an affiliate agency i joined telling me to stop sending traffic to an offer as they no longer pay for it.

I checked out the manufacturers on google and found that i was at the number 4 spot on googles first page for that post. With another post for another product on the number 2 spot!!

Thanks guys for all the awesome advice and tips you have given out totally free! this stuff seriously works!

Supercharged 06 says:

Hey guys can you pm me or provide me an email to contact you. I have some questions about project 24.

Thomas OConnor says:

The real question is…Hot Sauce or No Hot Sauce? or Mild or Hot? 🙂

Fun box says:

NO No, its a Cheating. You are playing smart I believe. Starting your Video with already Bitten Taco is not Justified. You people should have at least two Tacos each for the videos you make and it is always advisable to finish slowly as it would be easily digested. Come on, I know you people can do this. Please please make lengthier Videos. My Self is Rajat from India. God Bless you all and thanks for the video.

Josh Brown says:

This is too advanced. Slow down. I'm still learning how to spell SEO.

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