Watch Repairman Try to Charge $700 for Simple Vent Fix

Watch Repairman Try to Charge $700 for Simple Vent Fix

INSIDE EDITION’s House of Shame series is putting more home repairmen to the test – this time to see if they give a fair deal for cleaning an air vent. After hiding cameras throughout a rented house, we called local technicians to check out vents that can build up with dust, debris and mold. One repairman tried to charge $700 to clean and sanitize the air duct system, which only needed a basic cleaning.



MrAntiSellOut says:

Those two repairmen were so embarrassed after when their monkey ass became exposed

Luxious Burleson says:

So why does the title say watch repairman?

MarioJr210 says:

Did you just rip me off lmao


He left without his trillion dollars worth of equipments?

Lil Angel says:

Now you all know that an illegal person charges less and do the damn job right, and not some lazy ass citizen!.

Osmel Zuniga says:

You need to suck a bbc

Soul Thief says:

Just do your job.

Johji Love says:

This is America

Mariovo5 says:

Hire me! I can clean a home I won't scam you.
Although I don't have a good background I have no Felonies , convictions, minor or can be critical misdemeanors. Now I can't find work anywhere.

Conor Gobetz says:

Channel is garbage, videos suck ass

Wubby 71 says:

God Bless Everyone

kpapa91 says:

"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling Insider Edition kids!"

Claire Knight says:

Have to say there’s definitely some sexism involved, they saw a woman who probably knew nothing on vents, and jumped on the opportunity to rip her off like rats on discarded food!

Sean McAss says:

So just to catch a predator but super uninteresting

cheyenne castillo says:

Beats having Chris Hansen walk in

A C says:

Thanks why I watch them work from couple feet away. Average person let's them work and trusts the work is being done. I don't trust no one I'm paying.

Joshua Montague says:

Can't trust anyone.

Oscar Gaitan says:

Learn to do your own things.

thanks but no thanks says:

Wiggle the wand haha

/*_* says:

Great movie!

brutally honest says:

Seeing this type of video's make me want to learn how to fix things so I don't have to call any of these crooks!!!
Whenever I had to call someone to wk around my house, I have been trying to monitor the person all the way till the end, just to make sure they go through all the things that they say they're going to do!!!

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