Couple Catches Neighbor in Attic: ‘He Was Waiting for the Creep Show’

Couple Catches Neighbor in Attic: ‘He Was Waiting for the Creep Show’

A man has been arrested after he was found crawling around a family’s attic with a power drill in hand. Last month, Jerome Kennedy, who lives in the home with his wife, Ashley, and their baby, heard noises and saw a light shining through a pipe above his head in the couple’s bedroom. “I knew someone was up there,” he told Inside Edition. The man said he later discovered the neighbor had made a removable wall he used to enter their attic.



Maidenlord 666 says:

He wanted to see those big ol TITTYS

Atomic Gaming says:

“He should go away for a long long time” he’s 69 years old he will go away soon if you catch my drift

John Reyes says:

Your right but dirt particles don’t move from left to right especially in a draft free area???

Rosa Tenebris says:

What's his purpose anyway?

Roses Msp says:

He wanted live porn (I hate myself I'm sorry)

702EXTREME says:

THE "Jig" is up for JIGSAW!

KimiLovato says:

It’s mr heckles level 2

MagicCereal 123 says:

I feel unsafe



downing debeers says:

If he wanted to see elephants breeding he should have just watched NatGeo.

Sandy Fung says:

Real life junji ito manga……

John Doe says:

Why did this guy put a camera in the attic?

Mr.G Q says:

And thats why you buy a detached house

xx jazzysantosxx says:

What is the creep show,do they men like the nude men and wife changing their clothes or breast feeding the baby or have intercourse.

KM flips says:

69 year old

Jordyn Draws says:

Pause at 1:36 he straight up looks like a rat

ACoustaDC says:

if I saw lights coming from my ceiling I would just shoot up into the ceiling. I believe 9 mm is a nice penetrating round. then I would sleep very soundly. as far as I'm concerned that was an intruder.

iver says:

I endorse the buckshot solution

Richard's World Traveler says:

The creep show, or the freak show?

Aaron Brummett says:

I thought the same of my old house… but I could never prove it. I had the attic sealed off but someone still had access.

Kari S says:

Ewwwww yuck. What an old perv. Probably did worse when he was younger and more able. That’s a scary thought.

PsycheodeliaDelle says:

And the man looks completely normal.

Rob The threeA pyro says:

A shotgun will solve your problem

Eddie Sille says:


My Opinion says:

Typical pervert type

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