Why did young voters pick a 92-year-old? – BBC News

Why did young voters pick a 92-year-old? – BBC News

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has scored a historic victory in the country’s general election.

He defeated the Barisan Nasional coalition, which has been in power 60 years.

The BBC asked some young Malaysian voters what they are now hoping for.

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truebluekit says:

What most people tend to forget is that the youth of today, who voted for Tun Mahathir, are the ones who grew up under his watch. Whether they like him or not, he was the force who shaped their lives. They know that if he wants something, then he will find a way; you just have to choose whether you're with or against him. Malaysia would not be as it is today without Tun Dr Mahathir.

Luke Lim says:

🙂 Change may be good for Malaysia. It's good. But honestly my mom kinda still hold some grudge against Mahatir for the shit he did when he was the previous PM, he wasn't exactly very fair or care about economics sometimes. But hey we all recognize that at least Mahatir made some great stuff happened when he was the old PM. Najib is all the way down man. So ya when I heard Mahatir talking instead about doubling the trains speed and building infrastructure. I'm actually happy, cause that matters more then hating and politicking isnt it. Like pls improve the trains and build new tracks PLS!

Yes Fakhri says:

because of his great vision n experience.he already shown he make malaysia great b4.

btw he already said at 1998 incoming 2020,barisan nasional will fall down due to money politics.and now it. happen

Pro F says:

Epic comeback.
Comeback is real.

ean dean says:


claire l. says:

tun dr. mahathir may have been an authoritarian back in the day but i'm thankful for his reintroduction into the world of malaysian politics. we would have never been able to topple the previous ruling party without such an obvious swerve of support for the current governing coalition. it's understandable that people are confused that we're calling him authoritative but at the same time showing him support, but during his campaign in the past year he's owned up to his mistakes and his sincerity to lead the country to a path of change and improvement was obvious. he's 92, soon to be 93 in a couple of months, and there is no need for him to hustle as hard as he does at this day and age. he truly wanted, and wants, to fix the mistakes of his successors and to make up for his policies when he served as the 4th prime minister. i grew up looking up to him without knowing much about how he played his politics back in the day, but now that i'm educating myself i can see that he was a flawed pm but he's malaysia's best chance at ousting corruption now. it's also amazing that we're not far from 2020 so he can see to the end of wawasan 2020 that he started. he's only been working as our 7th pm for less than a week but i hope he serves the people well during this short time. may tun live long and happy.

Eva Emmanyna says:

He made us an offer we couldn't refuse; change 😉

Lol Loo says:

praying for a better Malaysia outside and inside

Nana Almani says:

“I’m 93, not dead!”

– Steve Rogers

Chim²little. booty says:

He's my idol.I always adore him and his wife.They're a cute couple.

Little otaku potato says:

He has been a leader for 22 years i think

azahri Yana says:

I luv U Tun M!

kamal Bardia says:

Congratulations to Dr.Mahathir.Love from 1300millions Indians to this lovely great youngster.
God bless him with healthy and happy Century.
Long live Mahathir.

Sponge Hayley says:

I love mahathir mohamad ❤

sunset bloom says:

The moment my dad told me that Tun M will be the new prime minister, i just straight away woke up and almost got tears bcs this is the beginning for the new Malaysia. Yesss, it will take times to clean up all the mess that najib razak have been doing for the past 10 years. Its not easy. Give Tun M time to clean all the mess. We’ve waiting for 5 years and now we got what we wants. Just put the trust to Tun M

Fitria Aidili says:

Because he touched our heart ♥

Helena Wan says:

Y not???? He is a wise man ..very brilliant & a living legendary. He made Malaysia well known for a lot of good things & uncountable contribution to our country. Hell yeaaah I voted for him!

Steven Ng says:

Kuasa rakyat bkn kuasa najib!!

Michie Warrioh says:

Lk like my uncle……..wa stay strong

Long liveeeeeee

Yefraim Yef says:

He better than Najib

is says:

the main reason is to topple najib razak. everyone know this.

Princess Katara says:

Finally, i can say that i'm proud to be a Malaysians. I'm glad i voted him.

GaeBulga says:

That's what we're looking forward to now. We need that change so much since we are in deep shit right now. Cost of living is very high and jobs are scarce. The RM is recovering slowly. The country is in big debt because of the now former government.

Helen Pang says:

He saved Malaysia from being ruined and emptied out. He is the only man who has the power to command respect across a broad spectrum of race and parties with different goals to come together for the sole purpose of saving the country. A fantastic man with worldly experience and who cares for his people. Malaysia is lucky to have a PM like Dr. Mahathir once again! Please treasure every minute he has with you!

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